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Co-Editor, Claiming Our Callings: Toward a New Understanding of Vocation in the Liberal Arts (Oxford University Press: May, 2014)

 Tailings (Cascade Books: October 2014)


A selection of other publications...


Creative Nonfiction

"Love and War," Minnesota Monthly, forthcoming July 2014

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Moral Fiction After the Kids Have (Mostly) Gone to Bed,” with Peder Jothen, Pleiades, forthcoming

“Tailings,” Witness Magazine, Spring 2013

“Aftershock,” Sonora Review, Winter 2013

“Writing Our Children,” Let’s Talk, Issue 17.3

“The Summer Before,” Daily Palette (Iowa Writes), Spring 2010

“Not Divided by Age,” Sojourners, Spring/ Summer 1998



“Redirect,” Pleiades, Summer 2012

“Hands,” Fiction on a Stick: New Stories by Minnesota Writers, Milkweed Press, 2008



“Master,” Women’s Studies Quarterly, forthcoming

“As Mary,” The Cresset, forthcoming

“The Balding Snuffer Extinguishes a Single Square of Joy,” word for/word, Issue 21

“Sea Air Breezy, Nothing Dreadful,” Unstuck, Issue 1

“No Light. Tiny Warmth.” Transom, Issue 2

“Greeting,” Transom, Issue 2

“I Keep My Little Sheep Brain in a Jar,” Minnesota Review, Summer 2011

“From Her Deathbed…” Clementine, Issue 3

“Tempest,” Quarterly West, Spring/Summer 2009

“Cities of the Future,” Barrelhouse, #7

“The Color of Carbon,” New Orleans Review, volume 34, number 2

“Parable,” Open Letters Monthly, April 2008

“Tanka as Ark,” A Sing Economy (anthology from FlimForum Press)

“Me to Tanka,” Crazyhorse, Fall 2007

“Below the Snowline,” Forklift, Ohio, #17

“Memory,” jubilat, volume twelve

“As Ruth,” The Literary Review, Spring 2006

“The Village Ahead of You,” The Cresset, Easter 2005

“Listen,” Faultline, Spring 2003 


Musical Collaboration

“Song Between the Teeth,” with composer Kent Gustavson 

Available for purchase here.